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CherokeeXJ.com domain name is for sale

CherokeeXJ.com Domain Name is For Sale

This entire website and domain name CherokeeXJ.com are for sale. I started this site many years ago when I was heavily involved in affiliate marketing and it served me well. I used it to generate income from Google Adwords, Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Clickbank, and eBay. At present, it has ties with the eBay Partner Network, Google Adsense, and Amazon Associates and for the year 2016 it generated over $1,500 USD strictly on autopilot. I'm selling it because I now have a new career, family, and hobbies that take up all of my time and affiliate marketing is no longer something I have time for. This domain and everything you see here can become a new individual's/organization's property. HECK, IT CAN BE YOURS!

The asking price is $630 OBO.

How did I come to this value? As mentioned previously, this website generated over $1,500 in earnings in 2016 ($1,568.96 to be exact) completely 100% on autopilot. I didn't have to do a thing except make sure that WordPress and its plugins stayed updated and this was as simple as clicking a button for each update. That alone means this domain should be worth at least $1,500.

Rising Search Trend - A quick check with Google Trends shows that the search term "Cherokee XJ" has been on a slow yet steady rise for the past five years (and maybe even longer). If this trend continues, then there should be no shortage of visitors looking to find this website.

Profitable Search Value - The Google Adwords tool shows that bids are approximately $0.35 per click for the term "cherokee xj", $1.25 per click for the term "jeep cherokee xj", and a whopping $2.65 per click for the term "xj jeep". This is a HUGE potential for targeted advertising with Google Adsense ads placed on the site.

Age - It's no secret that age can play a role in domain ranking no matter what search phrases you might be found with. The domain name cherokeexj.com is over 10 years old which means it's well established with the search engines.

Not De-indexed - CherokeeXJ.com has never been sandboxed or blacklisted by any of the search engines. This domain has a clean history and has never been hosted on a server that hosted questionable websites.

Easy-to-Remember Name - This domain name most certainly passes the radio test.

If I earned over $1,500 on autopilot, then that means anyone who can dedicate just a small amount of time to this domain should be able to make at least that much. Any business that does work on Jeep Cherokee XJ vehicles whether it's repairing them, modifying them, or building custom parts for them should certainly be able to capitalize on this domain. Passionate hobbyists that are dedicated to the Cherokee XJ can use this domain to set up a membership forum for people around the globe to gather and share information about the 1984-2001 Cherokee XJ. With your purchase you get the cherokeexj.com domain name, the WordPress files and plugins (currently the site relies on the auction2post plugin), and the MySQL database that stores all the information.

You can contact us for details or you can proceed with a purchase that will be facilitated through GoDaddy.com and Escrow.com so you can be assured this is a legitimate sale. Plan for seven days for the actual domain ownership to be transferred to you, but the DNS can be updated immediately so you can begin using CherokeeXJ.com for your own purposes ASAP.

BUY CherokeeXJ.com